Research Connections

The Tecolutla Turtle Preservation Project (TTPP) in 2013 was approached by several members of the Kemp's ridley research community to engage in the study of Kemp's ridleys along the Tecolutla coast.  We're very excited to have these connections with the research community, and look forward to supporting their studies.
  • Dr. Mark Roberts

    Dr. Mark Roberts is investigating the population dynamics of Kemp's ridley nesting beaches through genetic analyses of nesting females as well as the establishment of a long term, rigorously monitored "index nesting beach" project at Tecolutla, Mexico. These research and monitoring efforts will address high priority areas in sea turtle conservation and more specifically in the NMFS' Kemp's ridley recovery plan. Read full bio

  • Dr. Andrew Coleman

    Dr. Coleman is a scientific advisor to TTPP and began a research collaboration at Tecolutla with TTPP, Vida Milenaria, and Dr. Roberts in 2013. He is interested in examining aspects of Kemp's ridley ecology and reproductive physiology. You can follow his research on Twitter @GulfSeaTurtles