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This past summer, board members, Laura Kiehner, and Skip Seelaus traveled to Tecolutla to help out with Vida Milenaria activities. The trip also gave Skip and his sons their first opportunity to meet the Vida Milenaria team and to get some touring time in and around Tecolutla.

The weather was hot and sunny, which made the piña coladas and horchatas even more tasty and refreshing! Due to the intense afternoon heat, the Vida Milenaria team rises early each morning to greet tourists at their gate. Visitors are welcomed at 7:00am, for a one-of-a-kind sea turtle education experience! Laura, Skip, Kevin and Jeff helped, when nearly 100 students arrived in time for breakfast. Following desayuno, the group received a wonderful presentation on the biology and preservation of marine turtles, including the opportunity to release hatchlings into the sea! Before leaving Tecolutla, the large student group was served a delicious, hot, home-cooked meal of fresh fish and Papa Tortuga’s Famous Spaghetti.

The “turtle patrol team” begins even earlier, heading out before dawn on ATVs. Kevin and Jeff went along on a few of the patrols and were rewarded with seeing nesting turtles in action. The Seelaus men also joined the Interchange Media Film crew and helped with some of the underwater footage. What an experience!

One of the trip’s highlights for Laura, was a special gathering in her honor with all of the “Women of Vida Milenaria”. She was incredibly moved and impressed by the depth of devotion which was evident in these strong and intelligent women. It was truly a wonderful evening which Laura will never forget.

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